Helping people with cognitive decline, and older adults stay independent and improve their well-being

“My Day” App

“My Day”, is a Caregiver/Patient system that organizes daily schedules and tasks for people with memory impairments and older adults. The application includes easy-to-add features such as reminders for taking medicine or going to a psychotherapy session. The app has a friendly user interface designed for patients and their caregivers. 

Tasks Scheduling


Events Scheduling




Monitoring Tasks


MEet The Team.

Orly Yeruham

Co-Founder & CEO

Has a legal & technical background, an MBA, 8 years of digital marketing and experience in founding new ventures

Roie Shimon Cohen

Co-Founder & CTO

Has a programming background, BSc in Electrical Engineering, iOS Developer & Mobile apps creator since 2010

Our Advisory Board

Revital Shechter, Ph.D

Co-founder of Ornim Inc.

Prior to her founding of Ornim, Revital held a senior position in a Start-Up company in the field of fiber optics communication. Revital received her Ph.D. in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in 2001. Dr. Shechter is an inventor of several patent-pending applications in the field of optics and non-invasive monitoring.

Einat Katzenell

Partner, Katzenell Dimant

Einat is a managing partner at Katzenell Dimant, a highly regarded law firm specializing in technology, corporate and commercial law. Einat offers strategic and practical advice to hi-tech, life sciences and biotechnology entrepreneurs, investors, early-stage and mature companies, academic institutions and business ventures, and is widely regarded an industry insider and a leader in her field.

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